Working Papers

Transcending Neoliberalism: How the Free-Market Myth Has Prevented Climate Action.” Roosevelt Institute Working Paper.

How Does Market Power Affect Wages? Monopsony and Collective Action in an Institutional Context” with Mark Stelzner. Revision requested, Metroeconomica. Washington Center for Equitable Growth Working Paper.

A Public Banking Option as a Mode of Regulation for Household Financial Services in the United States” with Thomas Herndon. Revision requested, Journal of Post Keynesian Economics. Roosevelt Institute Working Paper.

“Returns in the Labor Market: A Nuanced View of Penalties at the
Intersection of Race and Gender” with Khaing Zaw, Darrick Hamilton, and William Darity, Jr. Revision requested, Feminist Economics. Washington Center for Equitable Growth Working Paper.

Selected Work in Progress

Paul, Mark, Sarah Gaither, and William Darity Jr. “About Face: Seeing Class and Race.”

Paul, Mark and Leah Stokes. “State and Local Level Decarbonization Strategies.”